The Reality of Child Abductions Relative To Divorce


Unfortunately, ChildAbductionDivorcechild abductions arise in divorce case situations. If a child is abducted, it is imperative for the parent to immediately notify local authorities so that all steps can be taken to return the child to their rightful guardian. In some cases, there have been high-profile stories in which parents have abducted children and then left the country. These stories are never easy to hear, but it’s important for parents who may find themselves in this situation to be aware of all possible outcomes. A child’s safety and well being is what’s important here.

Sometimes, children can be caught in the crossfire between the parental battle for custody! The parents’ battles are hard enough on the husband and wife, and they can end up having a huge impact on the children. When this results in an abduction, the taken child typically undergoes tremendous stress and anxiety. In some cases, especially when a child is taken by force, it can exacerbate issues and lead to a feeling of hopelessness and devastation.

For the child, an abduction can take a tremendous emotional toll and even impact the child’s development. The child is placed in an unusual situation where a loved one, such as a parent, is actually doing the child harm. This is very confusing and difficult for a child to accept, and may cause long-term emotional damage.

The laws in each state vary on how abduction is handled. In many states, abduction is considered kidnapping, and can be punished as a felony. Abduction can result in jail time for the parents who has taken the child. If a parent has any suspicion that their child has been abducted by their partner prior to, during, or after divorce proceedings, the authorities should be notified immediately to try and ensure the safe return of the child.